We aim to support all our students academically and socially while addressing any underlying issues or challenges…

Alternative Education Provision in the Southwest

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Information for Parents/Carers

Who we work with…

We work within the educational sectors in Bristol, Gloucester, Wiltshire North Somerset and surrounding areas and young person care homes to ensure students aged 5-18 are provided the learning provision that they require.

Dear Parent/Carer and Students,

Legal Safeguarding Information Update:

In line with Schools College, and other Educational Settings along with backing from the Local Authorities.

From Monday the June 3rd of 2024 (3.6.2024) all mobile phones will need to be to be handed on arrival on all MIAG sites.

Students will have a clear named zip bag to place the phone in, this will be securely locked away in a secure box until the student goes home.

Should students need to contact parent/caregiver, we will use a mentor’s mobile work phone.

Vapes/puff bars and smoking are not allowed, therefore banned on all MIAG sites. If a student has a Vape/Puff Bar whilst at any MIAG sites, they will be discarded and NOT returned to the student.

The legal age for vaping, using puff bars or smoking is 18 years old.

A meeting will be arranged between Parents/Carers and professionals looking at MIAG expectations, and how we can support all students to stop Vaping.

Should the student choose to continue try and vape/puff bar or smoke during or on MIAG sites, they are at risk of their placement being terminated.

I understand that this may feel like a huge challenge, however, we must all ensure we are working in conjunction with other educational placements and remain within the parameters of the law.

Thank you all for your cooperation

Debbie Sherring
MIAG Manager

who we work with

What is Good Alternative Provision?

Our dedicated team’s mission is to deliver good Alternative Provision that meets the needs of all students who require its use and enables them to achieve good educational attainment and meeting the needs identified with an EHCP (Education Healthcare Plan).

All pupils must receive a good education, regardless of their circumstances or the settings in which they find themselves. Provision will differ from student to student, but there are some common elements that alternative provision should aim to achieve.

  • Good academic attainment on par with mainstream schools
  • The specific personal, social and academic needs of pupils are properly identified and met in order to help them to overcome any barriers to attainment
  • Improved pupil motivation and self-confidence, attendance and engagement with education
  • Clearly defined objectives, including the next steps following the placement such as reintegration into mainstream education, further education, college, training or employment
  • Be suited to the pupil’s capabilities, give pupils the opportunity to take appropriate qualifications and involve suitably qualified staff who can help pupils make excellent progress
  • Have good arrangements for working with other relevant services

Willow Parent Support Group

A supportive space for parents and carers affected by child exploitation or children who are at risk of being exploited.

A space for parents & carers whose children have been in any way affected by criminal/sexual exploitation or who are worried their children could be at risk.

Term Dates

01 September – 20 October 2023 (36 days)
30 October – 15 December 2023 (35 days)
02 January – 09 February 2024 (29 days)

19 February (Monday) Staff Training day no students to attend

20 February – 28 March 2024 (28 days)
15 April – 24 May 2024 (29 days)
03 June – 23 July 2024 (37 days)

Good Friday 29th March 2024
Easter Monday 1st April 2024
Spring Bank Holiday 27th May 2024
Summer Bank Holiday 26 August 2024

Parent / Carer Feedback Questionnaire

Please download the questionnaire and either complete and return via email or print out and return to:

MIAG at The Beeches, Brislington
Broomhill Road

Call our team to enquire – Call 0333 220 3429

or email admin@miag.co.uk and we will reply promptly

    Our Successes…

    Working with mainstream schools since 2020

    MIAG have had over 30 students that’s come to MIAG for different reasons, and we have worked with Schools and Local authorities to put them in to mainstream or specialist provision in the last 3 years.

    Attendance is on average 89% over the last 3 years

    There have been many reasons for disengagement from Education and MIAG Staff have been very creative in how to engage with the students and to work with them to engage them back slowly into Education with a different outlook from the school environment.

    We offer Work Experience and Apprenticeships to year 11 students

    Over the last 2 years we have had 8 Students moved onto Apprenticeships and work experience and MIAG will now be looking to expand this offer to year 11 students who do not want to do alternative route of College.