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A holistic approach for ALL our learners…

What We Do…

Alternative Education Provision in the Southwest

Our vision is to continue to grow MIAG and become one of the most sought-after Alternative Provision Providers within the Southwest. Offering standout provision that incorporates Alternative Provision, Wellbeing and Preventative Model of provision.

This will enable MIAG to broaden its provision across Bristol, Gloucester, Wiltshire, North Somerset and surrounding areas to accommodate a variety of learners.

miag alternative education provisionmiag alternative education provision

Our Curriculum is carefully designed to:

Re-engage all pupils in their education

We teach skills, knowledge, concepts and values through the core subjects of English, Maths and PSHE. Our team will identify and support the different styles of learning to enable students to engage and thrive.

Foster curiosity about the world and develop a passion for learning

Since 2020 we have engaged hundreds of young people and our bespoke course programmes are key in enabling us to effectively nurture a young person’s interests and help them progress with their education.

Prepare pupils for their next steps

Our tutors provide employability advice for a range of careers and support the transition into college and onwards into employment.

Support all pupils to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices

The confidence and transferable skills our students gain will help develop a well-rounded young person who is successful and has a positive outlook on life.

Our Curriculum

Who We work with


Our dedicated team will identify and support appropriately the different styles of learning to enable students to engage and thrive across all areas of the curriculum.

  • Support the EHCP (Education Healthcare Plan)
  • Reduce a student becoming permanently excluded (PEX)
  • Reintegrate the student back into mainstream school or specialist provision


We know that it is a difficult time for families when a student is referred as PEX, and often parents and carers are unsure what options are available and how the alternative education model works.

  • Our skilled team will explain the options and guide parents and carers
  • Communication is key between all involved to make sure we achieve the best outcomes for all students


MIAG works with Primary and Secondary schools in Bristol, BANES, North Somerset, South Gloucester and Swindon.

  • We help schools overcome some of the learning barriers (diagnosed / undiagnosed) and unmet needs result in poor behaviours emerging in the classroom, hindering the progress of both the individual and the group.
  • Educational provision may include support and guidance in schools, short-term programmes, managed moves, 1:1 tuition or part-time alternative provision.

What is Alternative Education Provision?

Alternative provision is provision that meets the needs of all students who require its use and enables them to achieve good educational attainment and meeting the needs identified with an EHCP (Education Healthcare Plan).

All pupils must receive a good education, regardless of their circumstances or the settings in which they find themselves. Provision will differ from student to student, but there are some common elements that alternative provision should aim to achieve.

Alternative Education at Hawthorns Farm
Academic & Vocational Learning

Academic & Vocational Learning

Since 2020 we have engaged hundreds of young people, delivering a creative alternative to mainstream education. Our small class sizes, high staff to student ratio and bespoke course programmes are key in enabling us to effectively nurture a young person’s interests and help them progress with their education.

We deliver a range of ASDAN and NOCN academic and vocational qualifications as well as a wider holistic curriculum and enrichment programme. Our bespoke approach to learning allows us to tailor programmes to individual pupil interests, which helps to maximise engagement and achievement.

Enrichments Opportunities

Enrichment curriculum gives young people the opportunity to try new and varied activities that develop character, resilience and motivation, and encourage them to pursue wider goals.

  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Art & Photography
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Bushcraft
  • Kayaking
  • Equine Care
  • Gardening/Horticulture
  • Construction skills
  • Health & fitness
  • Nutrition
Enrichments Opportunities at Miag

Our Successes…

Working with mainstream schools since 2020

MIAG have had over 30 students that’s come to MIAG for different reasons, and we have worked with Schools and Local authorities to put them in to mainstream or specialist provision in the last 3 years.

Attendance is on average 89% over the last 3 years

There have been many reasons for disengagement from Education and MIAG Staff have been very creative in how to engage with the students and to work with them to engage them back slowly into Education with a different outlook from the school environment.

We offer Work Experience and Apprenticeships to year 11 students

Over the last 2 years we have had 8 Students moved onto Apprenticeships and work experience and MIAG will now be looking to expand this offer to year 11 students who do not want to do alternative route of College.