A unique farm environment that encourages a student orientated approach to learning and development

Alternative Education Provision in the Southwest

failands farm

Failand Forest School

Failand Forest School is an outdoor setting where learning takes place through play, connection with nature and doing sessions outside – whatever the weather.

Young people are offered activities that will be adapted to their own level so that they are building their confidence at the same time as being challenged to try new things and extend their skills and knowledge.

There is plenty of scope for movement and physical tasks like building shelters and obstacle courses, walking in the local woods and digging in the mud kitchen, as well as space for quiet time listening to birdsong, observing creatures, and using different senses to explore the world.

Forest School exposes learners to risk in a safe and managed environment with trained professionals to oversee their practise. This means that learners can take part in sessions involving fire-lighting, cooking outside, using tools for whittling and woodwork, tree-climbing and are taught how to identify hazards and take steps to minimise the risk, a crucial life skill.

Most of all, Forest School aims to help learners relax and have fun, develop self-esteem and encourages them to have a go at new things – principles that all underpin successful learning.


Forest School at Failand incorporates National Curriculum content through a blend of adult directed, planned sessions with specific curriculum linked objectives, and through skilled Forest School Leadership extending child-led activities to extract opportunities for learning curriculum objectives through play.

For example, a planned activity with a primary focus on replicating floor artworks based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy provides an opportunity to talk about maths concepts such as repeating patterns, symmetry and 2D and 3D shapes, developing subject vocabulary through conversation during the work of creating the art.

A child-led session building shelters provides opportunities to discuss concepts from science including materials and their physical properties, with the learners performing simple tests to see if their shelters are waterproof or not. Opportunities to explore literary language through conversation based on the environment allows for endless similes, alliteration, adjectives, extending vocabulary, sequencing and retelling events, developing talking for writing opportunities that can lead to a shared writing session at the end of the session.

Forest school also capitalises upon opportunities to develop emotional intelligence and meta-cognition skills: self-regulation and independence; resilience; risk management; emotional resilience; appreciation of different viewpoints; reflection and critical thinking; exploring and expression emotions; positive self-talk.

Our Students can choose from following:

Outdoor Learning & Animal Care

  • Growing Vegetables
  • Bushcraft
  • Utilising natural resources
  • Fence building/repairs
  • Collecting wood
  • Cooking
  • Tree Climbing
  • Shelter building

Personal Skills

  • Self Awareness
  • Respect
  • Team work
  • Co-operation

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Our Successes…

Working with mainstream schools since 2020

MIAG have had over 30 students that’s come to MIAG for different reasons, and we have worked with Schools and Local authorities to put them in to mainstream or specialist provision in the last 3 years.

Attendance is on average 89% over the last 3 years

There have been many reasons for disengagement from Education and MIAG Staff have been very creative in how to engage with the students and to work with them to engage them back slowly into Education with a different outlook from the school environment.

We offer Work Experience and Apprenticeships to year 11 students

Over the last 2 years we have had 8 Students moved onto Apprenticeships and work experience and MIAG will now be looking to expand this offer to year 11 students who do not want to do alternative route of College.