Hawthorns farm is a unique environment where students can learn and develop with nature

We offer a range of outdoor activities including; bushcraft, animal care and horticulture…

Hawthorns Farm

Hawthorns Farm

Located in Backwell near Bristol Airport

The centre is run and managed by Rob Morris and is a unique environment that encourages outdoor learning and self development for students that would normally struggle in a traditional classroom setting.

All our students thrive in the farm environment and have opportunity to learn a variety of skills and be responsible for tasks including animal care, site maintenance, growing vegetables, as well as bushcraft and living off the land.

Rob uses day-to-day farm tasks to help the students learn, quite often tasks involve working out the amount of materials required for site maintenance. This helps students use maths to ensure the day-to-day task is completed with all necessary resources.

Students also enjoy and grow in confidence especially when taking care of the animals as we have ducks, sheep and horses on the farm.

Our Ethos

Rob Morris is the Forest School Leader and is a guide for young people to get them immersed in new experiences that you share with them not a dictating style of teaching.

Its about getting students involved for example starting an activity that will make them really look at the world around them touching it getting dirty feeling and listening and looking at nature.

Forest School Approach to Learning

A key factor in the forest school approach to learning is the use of a term called “scaffolding”. This is the process of supporting the learner in the acquisition of a new skill. Its versatility and efficacy mean that it can be applied across a broad range of different skills and age ranges with success.

Scaffolding identifies that when learning a new skill, enough support is given in the initial stages if the learner is to make progress and that support is then removed as the student becomes more competent in their own ability and gradually becomes an independent master of that skill.

Six Principles of the Forest School

  • Is a long-term process with frequent and regular sessions in a woodland or natural wood environment rather than a one-off visit
  • Takes place in a Woodlands or natural wood environment to support the development of a relationship between leaders and the Natural World
  • Aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved fostering resilience, confident independent and creative learner’s
  • Offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves
  • Forest School is run by qualified Forest School practitioners who continuously maintain and develop their professional practice
  • Uses a range of learner’s centered processes to create a community for development and learning

Our Students can choose from following:

Outdoor Learning & Animal Care

  • Growing Vegetables
  • Bushcraft
  • Animal care
  • Equine care
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Utilising natural resources
  • Fence building/repairs
  • Collecting wood
  • Cooking
  • Tree Climbing
  • Shelter building

Personal Skills

  • Self Awareness
  • Respect
  • Team work
  • Co-operation

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or email admin@miag.co.uk and we will reply promptly

Our Successes…

Working with mainstream schools since 2020

MIAG have had over 30 students that’s come to MIAG for different reasons, and we have worked with Schools and Local authorities to put them in to mainstream or specialist provision in the last 3 years.

Attendance is on average 89% over the last 3 years

There have been many reasons for disengagement from Education and MIAG Staff have been very creative in how to engage with the students and to work with them to engage them back slowly into Education with a different outlook from the school environment.

We offer Work Experience and Apprenticeships to year 11 students

Over the last 2 years we have had 8 Students moved onto Apprenticeships and work experience and MIAG will now be looking to expand this offer to year 11 students who do not want to do alternative route of College.